The New World Order Illusion

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    Book 2 of the New World Order trilogy.

    Peer behind the news to see what other news providers aren't telling you, including:

    The real reason why U.S. troops are stationed in Iraq;
    Who really controls the media;
    The neoconservatives' role as frontmen for the New World Order Elite;
    The unsettling truth about our Constitution, and much more.

    Forgo the illusion and determine your own reality.

    Softcover, 132 pages
    Excerpt from page 26:

    Speaking of competition, one of Japan’s chief rivals right now is China, who has in essence become the world’s slave factory. One of the motivating factors for this trend is the deliberate weakening of America’s economy by a cabal of international bankers who want to implement a corporate-controlled New World Order. These bankers (many of them U.S. based) have engaged in a direct form of betrayal against American companies by extending massive loans over the past decade to developing Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese manufacturers. These entities then produce unbelievably cheap goods and ship them to the U.S., creating the largest trade deficit in our nation’s history. The losers in this scenario are: a) the American workers, b) our country as a whole due to the loss of our once-strong manufacturing base, and c) the Asian workers who now average 61 cents an hour for their labor. The obvious winners, on the other hand, are the international bankers, for the profits made by these Asian corporations are used to repay their massive loans (along with the interest).
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