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    A special offer from AMERICAN FREE PRESS—America’s Last Real Newspaper—to attendees of the Trad Worker Party conference

    AFP is your no-nonsense, uncensored, independent BIWEEKLY source for important news about the pressing issues facing our nation and the world today—unvarnished and many times politically incorrect. We print and ship every edition directly to your mailbox.

    As the last authentic independent print publication left in America, AFP has been on the front lines in the battle for truth and justice, exposing high level corruption, the machinations of the globalists pushing for a “New World Order,” and the erosion and degradation of basic American traditions and Constitutionally protected rights.

    We’re devoted to covering some of the most important topics, events, and conferences from a populist and independent perspective. Take advantage of this special offer today, and help AFP continue to grow and expand well into the future!

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