AFTER the REICH: From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift

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    In 1945, Germany was a nation in tatters. Swaths of its population were despairing, homeless, bombed out and on the move. Refugees streamed toward the west, and soldiers made their way home, often scarring the villages they passed through with parting shots of savagery. Politically the country was neutered, carved into zones of occupation. While Britain and America were loath to repeat the crippling reparations demands of the Treaty of Versailles, Russia bayed for blood, stripping their own zone of everything from rail tracks to lavatory bowls.

    After the Reich is the first history to give the full picture of Germany’s bitter journey to reconstruction.

    Historian Giles MacDonogh expertly charts the varied experiences of all who found themselves in the German melting pot. His narrative unveils shocking truths about how people continued to treat each other, even outside the confines of war. It is a crucial lesson for our times.

    Softcover, 656 pages


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