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    This book is the first book to accurately explain who is responsible for the 9-11 terrorism. 9/11—The Secret War is the product of research in Belgium, Canada, Egypt, England, Ethiopia, Gaza, Ghana, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Liberia, Qatar, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

    9/11—The Secret War is book four in the five book Vigilant Christian series. Each book is a tapestry of carefully explained events that actually happened, with each hair-raising assertion backed up with a thorough documentation of sources.

    When people learn the truth that an elite cartel is responsible for the 9-11 terrorism, clear thinking can return. The cartel was able to use multiple major intelligence services to divide Christians, Muslims, and Jews because the Abrahamic faiths are the main opponents of their plans for totalitarian one-world government.

    Softcover, 170 pages


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