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    Special On-the-Scene Bilderberg 2015 Report from AFP

    AMERICAN FREE PRESS is the newspaper that put the shadowy Bilderberg group on the map, and in that great tradition we provide special on-the-scene coverage of the elite gathering. And we do it every year.

    Here it is, AFP’s Special Bilderberg 2015 Report, prepared in digital format to allow you easy access to this newspaper’s full coverage of the event that took place in Austria this year.

    PDF, 12 pages

    • Bilderberg Pushes War With Russia
    • Final Bilderberg 2015 Attendee List
    • The Bilderberg Syndrome
    • Bilderberg 2015 Photo Gallery
    • ‘American Friends of Bilderberg’
    • Did Bilderberg Crown Jeb Bush Next President at Bilderberg?
    • Protesters Tried to Shine Light on Kleptocratic Elite
    • Bilderberg: The Grand-Daddy of All Globalist Conspiracy Groups Still Pulling Strings


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