CAPTURING JONATHAN POLLARD: How One of the Most Notorious Spies in American History Was Brought to Justice

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    Now, for the first time, from a law enforcement officer's inside perspective, here is an account of the investigation that nabbed Jonathan Pollard. Ronald J. Olive, who spent 22 years as a special agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, mostly in foreign counterintelligence, has written CAPTURING JONATHAN POLLARD: How One of the Most Notorious Spies in American History Was Brought to Justice.

    This 320-page book, supplemented with illustrations, is a fascinating spy story, but unlike the brilliant novels of John LeCarre (who has dared to tackle the intrigues of Israel and has thus been called "anti-Semitic"), this is not fiction. This is real-life drama surrounding the strange intrigues of a bizarre little man who is now considered a national hero in Israel and for whom there are periodic demands from American Zionist pressure groups for his release, including many members of the U.S. Congress.

    , 320 pages
    Excerpt from page 70:

    On 23 January Pollard made his drop-off at Ravid’s house. Ravid, Yagur, and a third person whom Pollard had never met were there. The Israelis had already had a taste of what their operative could produce in volume; this time, the spy had outdone himself. Two suitcases contained TS- and SCI-coded publications that Pollard had to return on Monday morning, and right away the Israelis attacked those, pulling out the documents and running upstairs to copy them. The other three suitcases held highly classified messages that didn’t have to be returned. At this meeting his handlers provided the analyst with two black leather briefcases in which to carry additional documents.


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