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    Called “A respite from Yankee history whose exclamation point in some typefaces is rather like a cannon being fired,” by The Tampa Tribune, The South Was Right! is a book in its second printing after only three months. Ronald and Donald Kennedy have gotten to the root of post-Civil War dissent. Much of Civil War history is untrue because like most history, it is written by the victor. The story we hear is that hundreds of thousands of Southern men went to war over an issue that only affected 6% of the population. Read this book and learn the truth: there was no shining Northern force fighting a moral battle for the sake of ending slavery; there was no oppressive Southern force fighting to preserve it, either; and after the South declared its independence, the Union ruthlessly invaded, leaving Southerners no choice but to defend themselves.

    Unfortunately, the South lost the struggle and has suffered ever since. It has become an economic colony of the North, used and exploited like other colonies throughout the world. Politically, the North still controls the government and continues to impose its radical social agenda on the rest of the country at the expense of individual liberty. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court, the first federal department to infringe upon the rights of sovereign states, continues to suppress any efforts to reclaim liberty for the individual from the federal government.

    Today, is a result of the war in which the South lost its right to be a free country, there is a continuing effort to obliterate all symbols dear to Southerners and make sure that the Southern states continue to have fewer rights under the constitution than other states. Furthermore, although home to one-third of the population, the South is represented by one out of nine justices of the Supreme Court, and that only after the greatest struggle.

    Sure to be one of the most controversial books of the decade, The South Was Right! is an attempt to set the record straight. Nearly a century and a half after the war, the Confederacy still exists and an order of New Unreconstructed Southerners is calling for its reunification. Brothers James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy represent the spirit of other patriots like Lech Walesa, Light Horse Harry Lee, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and Mohandas Gandhi who inspired their people to regain their independence. This book, filled with documented evidence supporting all the Kennedys' claims, issues forth a frighteningly realistic picture of a captured people, their struggle to preserve their heritage, and their right to exist as an independent country and as a distinct culture.

    Hardcover, 431 pages


    Introductory Comments:

    There are still those of us who can recall the days when the playing of "Dixie" at football games and at the close of the radio broadcast day was commonplace. We can remember when all of the fans in the stadium would jump to their feet and cheer at the playing of our Southern national anthem. What has happened?

    Michael Grissom, author of Southern by the Grace of God, points out that it was not only the federal government that outlawed the playing of "Dixie" but also weak, spineless, Southern politicians who contributed to its demise. But more to the point--Southerners who have been subjected to generations of Yankee brainwashing have become too docile to stand up for their own rights!

    How has this occurred? How is that the very descendants of the greatest fighting force ever to march have become too cowardly to stand up for their own rights? The answer is to be found in this chapter. You will see that our leaders, beginning with President Jefferson Davis and continuing with the leaders of subsequent generations, have warned our people of the danger of allowing Yankees to teach their history to our children. The consequence of allowing Southerners to grow up never having been taught the truth about our history leaves the current generation unprepared to assert its rightful claim to constitutional government.

    Excerpt from the foreword by Deo Vendice:

    We who grew up under the threat of a worldwide communist tyranny have lived to see the Berlin Wall come crashing down. We have seen the once mighty and perpetual union of the Soviet empire disappear from the world map. We have watched as little nations that were swallowed up by more powerful nations have reappeared on the stage of world events. Nations that had been denied the right of self-determination for generations are now, once again, free and independent states. In reality, secession has broken out worldwide! It looks as if world events have at last caught up with Southern history. For us die-hard Confederates, we feel as if God's vindication is just around the corner.

    In view of the events that have shaken our world in the past few years, it is time that we once again look at why the people of the South made the effort to become an independent nation. For after all, if secession is good for Lithuania, Slovenia, and Croatia, why was it not good for Dixie? The South Was Right! looks beyond the battles that were fought to discover the answer to the more important questions of why those battles were made necessary, and how the loss of that war has affected not only the South but all of America.

    Unless they are without any capacity for reason, the readers of this book can tell by the title that they have fallen into the company of those who believe that the men and women of the South who fought for southern independence were correct in their efforts. Don't be dismayed. Every cause has its unbreakable defenders. We implore the skeptical to be open-minded enough to investigate the other side of this very unique coin, the War for Southern Independence.

    In the spring of 1861, the call to arms went out across the South. The call was answered with enthusiasm. Why did people feel justified to answer that call? Most Americans today are unprepared to answer that question, but how could Southerners, who are possessed with the blood of those who fought for self-government and independence all across Europe, do otherwise? The answers to those questions will be found in the pages of this book.

    You have in your hands a book different from any other written about the South. The authors demonstrate that the South had legitimate reasons to assert its claim to independence. We demonstrate the legitimacy of the South's claim of our right to recall our delegated powers and to establish a new government based upon the principle of the consent of the governed. We have demonstrated how this right, in addition to have been reserved by the states when they acceded into the Constitutional Union, was based in antiquity and is part of our common tradition as English-speaking people. We demonstrate how our Southern nation was invaded and conquered by a cruel and ruthless enemy who despised our people. We demonstrate that our Southern history was perverted into a Yankee myth that is now used by our conquerors to justify their cruel oppression of our right to self-determination. This myth is used to brainwash each successive generation of Southern children into believing that we are all better off because we lost our war for Southern independence.

    If all this book accomplishes is to bring these historical facts to light, this alone will mark it as most unusual. But it does more; it calls every true Southerner to consider our lot. Is this big, impersonal, overpowering and dominating government, which demands our obedience with its every decree, the type of government we are happy with? The authors have taken great pains to present to you, the reader, facts about the War for Southern Independence that most Americans have been denied the opportunity to read. This book looks into why the South went to war with such a sense of being right in its beliefs and considers the consequences for the South and for America as a result of the South losing the war.

    This book is a call to action to all people who love liberty and truth. It calls upon Southerners to climb down from the "stools of everlasting repentance" and to take pride in their Southern heritage. What we have attempted to do is awaken in the heart and mind of individual Southerners the repressed desire to once again be master in their own home! Yes, that is right! We want every Southerner to awaken to the fact that no force on earth can prevent us from reclaiming our lost estate if and when we decide to free ourselves. The South must put aside the illusion that she will one day be accepted as an equal in this Norther-dominated union. The South must put aside the illusion that the current government is the legitimate outgrowth of the original American Constitutional Republic. These illusions are used by our conquerors to bind the South in this unequal union. The South must reject these illusions and then begin its struggle to regain control of its destiny.

    So that no one will be mistaken, let us say it once again; as Americans, Southerners have a right to economic equality with the rest of the nation, a right to government based upon free and unfettered consent of the governed, a right to control our local schools, a right to order our society according to the desire of the people. In a phrase, we deserve to be free! This freedom would be better served by the South as an equal partner within the Union, but better out of the Union than not at all!

    This book will challenge (and most likely has already done so) many facts that are often accepted as common knowledge. For instance, the Yankee myth that declares that Appomattox settled everything and therefore Southerners must never again attempt to assert our right to a free and constitutional government. While the liberty of the Eastern European people to assert their right to free government is easily approved by the liberal media, this same right is denied the South. What is more important is the fact that as long as Southerners accept this Yankee myth of history, we deny the right of freedom to ouselves, our children, and generations of Southerners yet unborn.

    James Ronald Kennedy was elected as commander for the Louisiana division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the years 1989-92 and regularly participates in Civil War re-enactments. Walter Donald Kennedy is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal of the National Sons of Confederate Veterans.


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