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    Like The Viper’s Venom, Donn Grand Pré’s follow-up work, The Rattler’s Revenge, is a classic that can and most certainly should be considered “must” reading by those who dare to look “outside the box” and ignore the lies and misdirection of the mainstream media in America.

    The good colonel is a master at untangling the misdeeds and webs of intrigue that surround such controversial issues as what he calls “the money-media monopoly” and its relationship to monopoly capitalism and the those in the plutocratic arena who control the distribution of news and information in our world today through their domination of the media.

    And having been a high-level player in the global arms business, Grand Pré is well-positioned to lay out the reality of how the intersecting realms of the illicit drug racket and big money (via thoroughly “respectable” banking institutions) grip one another in an unholy (though profitable) alliance that cuts its influence through to the very core of our nation’s economy and the political framework that surrounds it.

    A military man who knew treason when he saw it, Grand Pré explores treason in America—ranging from the covert support given by forces in the United States who helped propel and perpetuate communism in Soviet Russia to the behind-the-scenes power structure that during World War II and beyond helped establish a foundation for communism to gain a foothold on American shores through some otherwise seemingly “patriotic” elements that you’d never ever expect to be labeled as “communists.” But communists they were—and are.

    And the colonel is not afraid to tackle Zionism and the way its tentacles have spread throughout the West. He names the names of some of those who have been in the forefront of this insidious movement and demonstrates that its power reaches far beyond what many might imagine.

    Grand Pré’s work, in many respects, could be considered a textbook for training young patriots, especially those with a military future in mind. Colonel Grand Pré was a proud veteran who served his country, in both peace and war, and this book, like his other writings, is a testament to that good work.

    Hardcover, 607 pages


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