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    A legitimate model of geopolitical analysis — as opposed to the propaganda and agenda-driven editorializing that is all too rife in public discourse today—The Vipers Venom is broad in scope and constitutes almost a "secret history" of the 20th century, hinging on the nature and origins of the infamous 9-11 terrorist attacks.

    Grand Pré demonstrates that it was not a rag-tag band of terrorists who carried off the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. He dares to take direct issue with not only the "official" U.S. government explanation of "how" but also the all important "why" behind the attacks. His conclusion about who was ultimately responsible will be startling to those whose entire "knowledge" of the 9-11 tragedy is based on the spin of the controlled media.

    A hard-hitting head-on approach to the dangers posed by the twin forces of Zionism and Bolshevism delineated with a precise and determined devotion to the truth—no matter what the consequences or whose ox is gored—this is a virtual handbook for those interested in pinpointing not only the identity and nature of the enemy of American liberty and that of the world as well, but also a clearly defined chart that directs us toward the means whereby we may combat this menace.

    The reader will be hard-pressed to find a major issue—or event—of the 20th century, and now, more importantly, the 21st century, that Grand Pré does not weave into this comprehensive overview.

    Grand Pré is in the forefront, providing readers, with an expansive, assembly of little-known (but significant) facts that present a far different picture of the realities of our modern-day that the masters of the media and the bought-and-paid-for politicians would much rather be suppressed, including the power of global plutocracy exemplified by the Federal Reserve money monopoly—the events leading up to and following World War II, the creation of the United Nations and the rise of the Cold War, the ever-controversial topic of weather modification, the truth about the so-called "environmental" movement and the nature of so-called "socialism" itself. .

    In addition, Grand Pré explores the true nature of organized crime and its interplay with the "legitimate" upper world and makes disquieting links between elite secret societies and the course of world events. The icon of free trade and the part that it plays in the drive for globalization—the theory of the New World order—is also targeted for dissection in The Viper's Venom.

    This is a clarion call for the restoration of America's sovereignty and an all out declaration of war by a patriotic American military strategist against the manipulative forces that are pushing our world to the brink of catastrophic destruction and ultimate tyranny. Grand Pré has provided us an antidote to "the viper's venom."

    Hardcover, 504 pages


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