The FREEDOM OUTLAW’S HANDBOOK: 179 Things To Do ’Til the Revolution

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    Greetings, Fellow Conspirators

    Welcome to the Grand Outlaw Cabal.

    You've never heard of the Grand Outlaw Cabal? That's because I just invented it. But you're invited to join.

    Hey, if everybody else in the world gets to have a conspiracy, then why not us? Why not a conspiracy of freedom-loving individuals? A conspiracy of people who are normally too independent to collude. A cabal of cussed individualists. A league of non-intrigue and a guild of the guileless for the perfidious purpose of plotting no plot at all. A seditions scheme, a cliquish cartel practicing the subversive craft of simply being our own free selves in a world that doesn't much like Our Kind of People.

    Let's make it complete with secret oaths and handshakes and Orders with rites of Non-Initiation. Or not, as it pleases us.

    Oh yes, and if we can restore freedom to the world at the same time—even to some tiny little corner of the world—that'll be a bonus.

    Conspiracy of Freedom

    Freedom is being flushed down the drain. Big Brother, his Little Brother corporations, special interest groups, the gimme-gimme-gimme crowd, and the TV babies all have their hands on the handle.

    If you haven't noticed that, then nothing I could say would make any difference. If you have noticed, then I don't need to say more—except let's clog up the drain, overflow the system, put government and its friends up to their knees in you-know-what—and stop them from creating their twisted dystopia where everyone is tracked, mind-controlled, and treated as a carefully stamped and numbered asset of the Omnipotent State.

    Let's do it just by being our unruly, ungovernable selves. Together.

    One act of disobedience . . . seems like nothing. It swirls away into the sewer, unnoticed. And the second and the third. The small grains of resistance simply was away on the irresistible currents of tyranny. But gradually, grain upon grain, clot upon clot . . . we jam the hole through which our freedom has been draining. We jam the tyranny works.

    And that's where the conspiracy comes in.

    Softcover, 186 pages

    Table of Contents

    Forward: Greetings, Fellow Conspirators

    Chapter 1

    Whew! Some Things You Can Quit Wasting Your Time On

    1. Don't get calluses on your fingers!

    2. "Don't vote; it only encourages them"

    3. Don't give in to the fear

    4. Don't assume an Expert is an expert

    5. Surrender the idea of your own incompetence

    6. Don't give your Social Security number

    7. Check your authoritarianism

    8. Don't confuse nothing with something

    9. Don't talk to strangers

    10. And don't "out" yourself! (Or let your associates "out" you)

    11. Quit cooperating with the police

    12. Don't get too hung up on financial security

    13. Don't debate

    14. Don't say anything you don't want the world to hear

    15. Stop sucking at the tit

    16. Don't respect the office

    17. Don't get all goo-goo about cops and soldiers

    18. Don't blame somebody else; "somebody" ain't doin' it

    19. Along these same lines, everything isn't an illness

    20. Tell the friendly census taker to take off

    21. Don't forget the Bill of Rights

    22. Snap out of hypnosis

    23. Don't be used by your possessions

    24. Don't be a slave to debt

    25. Never beg for your rights

    26. Get your private information out of the public eye

    27. Don't pay more taxes than you must

    Chapter 2

    Better Yet: Active Non-cooperation With Tyrants

    28. Attitude is everything

    29. An experiment in legal non-payment of taxes (but really much more than that) 24

    30. Break the rules

    31. Never talk with the feds

    32. Don't let the government control your kids

    33. Keeping the state from branding your newborn

    34. Your baby, the tax deduction

    35. Get started with PGP

    36. Use PGP intelligently

    37. The magical USB hard drive

    38. Surf anonymously

    39. Shunning

    40. Check your computer for keystroke loggers

    41. ...And for ad-aware, tracking-ware, and other commercial spyware

    42. Use Linux

    43. Buy silver and gold

    44. If you must join a political party

    45. Evade speed traps, speed cameras, & red-light cameras

    46. More on protecting data

    47. Protect your medical privacy

    48. How to disappear

    49. Buying on the quiet

    50. Getting a drivers license without a Social Security number

    51. "Yes, you can work without a Social Security number."

    52. Record your encounters with "authorities"

    53. Get rid of your dependencies

    54. A cute twist on refusing to give your SSN

    55. Know the difference between mala in se and mala prohibita

    56. Use a pre-paid cellphone

    57. Banishing your SSN

    58. Visualize Vermont carry

    59. Homeschool, unschool, private school

    60. Keep your sense of humor

    61. Assume all phones are tapped--and the Internet, too!

    62. Cover your assets

    63. Nothing's true until you verify it

    64. Know where your line in the sand is drawn 59

    65. Cultivate cheap activities 60

    66. Close your bank accounts? 61

    67. Follow your bliss 62

    68. Intimidate back 63

    69. Learn your privacy rights and protect them 64

    70. Maybe you're already a "terrorist" 65

    Chapter 3

    The Ground You Stand On: Self-reliance 67

    71. Instead of television 68

    72. Set a goal 69

    73. Import your own pharmaceuticals 71

    74. Treat yourself 71

    75. Build yourself a little cabin 72

    76. Simple alternative to health insurance 73

    77. Do-it-yourself machine shop 74

    78. Every other sort of DIY 74

    79. Lehman's non-electric 75

    80. Help with solar 75

    81. Community: the most radical idea 76

    82. Be ready to profit from others' dependencies 78

    83. Cultivate some Mormon friends 78

    84. Expect to lose everything--and don't fear 79

    85. Another form of self-reliance: being rich 81

    86. Don't forget your Rolodex! 81

    87. Practice Dumpster diving and backwoods "shopping" 82

    88. Be prepared 83

    89. Your three-day grab-and-go kit 84

    90. An emergency water supply 85

    91. Building your emergency food supply 86

    92. Your medical kit 89

    93. Basic weapons 89

    94. Tools and equipment 91

    95. Survival-goods sources 92

    96. Prepare your kids, pets, and elderly relatives 93

    97. Know something about the chem-bio-nuke attack threat 96

    98. Skill building 96

    99. Get to know your neighbors 98

    100. The big dream: going debt-free 99

    101. Further reading: Self-reliance 102

    Chapter 4

    Way Better Than Voting: Agitation for Outlaws 105

    102. Sousveillance: More privacy, less secrecy 106

    103. CASPIAN: Shooting down the supermarket spies 107

    104. End the Drug War 108

    105. Resist draft registration 110

    106. Carry the Bill of Rights Security Edition 111

    107. Defeat campus PC 111

    108. The Free State Project (and its wild west cousins) 112

    109. Find out what your drivers license says about you 113

    110. Speaking of privacy protests as performance art 114

    111. Protest the protestors 115

    112. National Ammo Day 115

    113. Government supremacist: the power of words 116

    114. Join a gun-rights group 117

    115. Demilitarize the cops 118

    116. Don't let yourself get overloaded 119

    117. Celebrate Independence Day 120

    118. Celebrate April 19 120

    119. Fly the Gadsden flag 121

    120. It's even more important now to keep DARE out of your local schools 122

    121. Identify the informant in your midst 123

    122. Remember Mother Batherick 124

    123. Be an international superhero 125

    124. Stand up for people who stand up for their rights 125

    125. Know your rights as a juror--and promote everybody's rights 126

    126. The Bill of Rights Day Committee 127

    127. Watch your local government 128

    128. Create a one-person "organization" 128

    129. Idiot-avoidance: Crucial to freedom activism 130

    130. Another tip for avoiding snitches and agents provocateur 131

    131. There is no One Grand Plan 132

    Chapter 5

    Way Better Than Agitation: Monkeywrenching 135

    132. Learn from the masters 136

    133. How to fry chips 137

    134. Being amusingly disloyal to supermarket "loyalty" cards 138

    135. Do you work a database? 139

    136. Bomb throwing: the non-violent kind 140

    137. The best kind of fake: a real fake 140

    138. Another form of "real" fake ID 141

    139. ID of the Living Dead 141

    140. Anybody got any spare Social Security numbers? 142

    141. A genuine "fake" Social Security number 143

    142. And finally, if you're very, very serious about alternative ID 144

    143. Just for you Moles 144

    144. Assist your friendly local drug warriors 145

    145. Fun with superglue 146

    146. Creative writing 147

    147. Simon (Jester) says 148

    148. Freeway blogging 149

    149. Dyslexia 150

    150. SSN Acalculia or Discalculia 150

    151. Plausible fake SSNs 151

    152. The old dead-baby trick 152

    153. Do write to your congresscritter 153

    154. Fun with trigger terms 154

    155. The monkeywrenching value of encryption 154

    156. Go ahead. Be a leech 155

    157. Bust anti-freedom organizations by driving them broke 156

    158. And don't forget those post-paid envelopes 157

    159. Another helpful use for 1-800 numbers 158

    160. Create a fake plot or organization 160

    161. Learn to disappear in a crowd 161

    162. Make "them" fill out your paperwork 162

    163. The un-Bradyed (or creatively Bradyed) gun 163

    164. Guerrilla gun tactics 165

    165. Further Reading: Monkeywrenching and dirty tricks 166

    Chapter 6

    If it Comes Down to That: Someday 167

    166. You might just want to leave 167

    167. Leaderless resistance and cells of three 168

    168. Cellphones and checkpoints 170

    169. The lie behind the lie detector 171

    170. Have a secure house 172

    171. And a safe house 174

    172. Bury gold, guns, and goodies 175

    173. Hiding things in plain site 177

    174. Don't be a terrorist 179

    175. An interesting fact about auto airbags 179

    176. If the gun situation gets that bad 180

    177. Be Creative 183

    178. Silent resistance 183

    179. Someday, it will be time 184

    Claire Wolfe is a libertarian author and columnist. Some of Wolfe's favored topics are gulching or homesteading, firearms, homeschooling, open source technology, and opposition to national ID and the surveillance state or nanny state.

    Wolfe's books include such titles as 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution and I Am Not a Number!. Wolfe also writes or has written for a number of magazines, notably Backwoods Home Magazine, S.W.A.T. magazine, and DGC Magazine, which covers electronic, metal-backed currencies. A common subject in Wolfe's writing has been the fictional town of Hardyville, a rural libertarian enclave populated by stereotypical characters (Dora-the-Yalie, Bob-the-Nerd, Carty-the-Marine, etc.). When not writing, Wolfe is also an artist specializing in pastel portraits of people and animals and makes and sells jewelry and kaleidoscopes.

    Wolfe's first book, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution, was the result of disillusionment with the voting record of Republican Linda Smith of Washington, whose congressional campaign Wolfe had supported in 1994.[1] The book advocated a radical libertarian stance, opposed both major political parties, and encouraged self-sufficiency and actions to minimize the influence of the government in the life of the individual, as well as ideas for monkeywrenching. It was published by Loompanics Unlimited and became an underground bestseller.

    Wolfe wrote a column for WorldNetDaily in the late 1990s and has written and blogged irregularly since then. The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook (2004) is a compilation of ideas from Wolfe's first two books, both of which are now out of print.


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