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On the Road to American Socialism: A Christian Perspective

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    DESTROYING A NATION (and its people) FROM WITHIN . . .

    It seems like our culture is under heavy attack, doesn’t it? Men marry other men and women marry other women; churches lose more membership every year; abortions continue to climb killing; our birth rates continue to drop, thereby effectively losing population, a form of weakening; America’s Christian traditions are criticized incessantly in the mainstream media; marriages fail at ever increasing rates;; jobless rates are higher than what is tolerable; and on-and-on it goes.

    Could it be a mere coincidence that the socialists from Frankfurt, Germany in the 1930s and brought with them a hateful and destructive rhetorical device called “Critical Theory,” which teaches that if you criticize a culture, government, religion, or way-of-life long enough you can change it! This is exactly what is happening to America. The viewpoint of these foreign socialists is now embedded in our media, in our schools and colleges, even in many churches and in other public institutions. ON THE ROAD TO AMERICAN SOCIALISM exposes the origins and agenda behind the process.

    America has been on the road to socialism a long, long time.

    Now, here’s an important new book that not only explores the whole ugly history of the push for socialism on American shores, but which also provides us a road-map for a return trip to sanity, progress and survival. But it’s not too late to turn our republic around and restore our Constitutional heritage. This book tells about creeping socialism and what we can do about it . . .

    The author, Dr. Al Hays, is no armchair polemicist. Instead, he’s a 40-year veteran of civil engineering, with a background in both chemical and environmental engineering. A longtime civic activist, involved in fighting so-called sex education in the public schools in Austin, Texas, Hays was also a Republican Party precinct chairman in the Lone Star State.

    Based on his own extensive experience, coupled with longtime observation of political trends here at home and around the globe, Dr. Hays has issued this clarion call for an all-out battle against the socialist offensive that he and so many millions of others now see swamping America.


    The Wheel of History . . . Marxism, “Social Democracy” in Europe, and Now “Obamanism” Here

    Book from AMERICAN FREE PRESS tells the whole ugly story

    Any prediction of a pending economic or social crisis or disaster is often difficult for people to accept if enough evidence is not available to support it. In this case, the evidence is plentiful. History teaches that socialism always brings wars, chaos, hunger, poverty, extreme sacrifice and social upheaval. But socialism is always sold as a fair answer to human problems.

    Today, socialism is alive and well here in America, and has been so for decades, though not always openly visible or recognizable. Many believe the re-election of Barack Obama as president will propel America even closer to a new socialist state.

    On the Road to American Socialism was written to examine each of the destructive goals and intentions of socialism and how well it has accomplished those goals in America. Socialism has, in fact, caused virtually all of our present economic and cultural problems.

    Yes, even the Big Money-controlled “Federal” Reserve System is part of the socialist agenda!

    As hard as it is for some to imagine, the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve System has its origins in the so-called “central bank concept” that was highly preferred by Karl Marx as one means to accomplish the draconian goals of communism and socialism, to establish a monopoly over national credit. Not accountable to our government in any respect, the Federal Reserve System presents a unique conflict of interest for the bankers who control it. and offers common sense solutions to this problem.

    Printing money freely, they can increase our national debt at will. Further, they cause the economic ups and the downs for the most part, and they benefit both ways. In summary, the Fed is an unsustainable concept and they knew it from the beginning; we need another financial system – with a fierce watch dog to keep it straight. Our biggest national problem (and that of other nations too) is financial corruption – that can only be regulated by morality in people. This is one place where the church comes in.

    On the Road to American Socialism dissects the money system and demonstrates its dangers—and provides the road to monetary salvation.

    Softcover, 347 pages





    Background • Objectives and Goals of Socialism • Review of Russian Socialism • This Book’s Christian Orientation • This Book’s Thesis • Why Examine Socialism at All? • Christian Theology of Pelagianism in America • Christian Dispensationalism • A Few Obvious Problems in America • The Federal Reserve System • The Assault on Capitalism • Bank Bailouts • True Conservatism Defined • America’s “First Principles” • Yesterday’s Neoconservatives • Today’s “Neoconservatives” • False Conservatives • American Communism • Conventional Wisdom • Socialism in America • Current Socialist Agitations Abroad • American Communist Spies • How Socialists Operate • Socialist Methods • Socialist Strategies for Homosexuality • Socialist Organization • Hate Crimes Laws • Christmas Discrimination • What Should Christians Do? • Christian Obligations. • American Christian Persecution • Concluding Comments • The 20th Century • Stalin • Hitler and Stalin • Summary and Methodology Used


    Introduction • To Kill the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs • Established by the Tenth Commandment • Organizational Approach • The Steady Rise of Internationalism in America • Love of Free Trade • Or They Win & You Lose • Free Trade’s Rationale • Perspectives of Our Founders • Influence of Socialism in Early America •Robert Owen’s Experiment • Liberal Horace Greeley • Northern Religion • Karl Marx & Horace Greeley • Red Socialists & Lincoln • The Case of Dred Scott • New England Slave Traders • Socialism Amplified • Socialism’s Hatred of Capitalism • A Different Kind of Equality For Us • What Socialism Actually Produces • American Socialism on the Internet • The Continual Use of “Class Struggle” • A Fair Critique of Capitalism • The Free Market • Property Rights • Market Failures • Market Instability • Profit & Exploitation • Inefficiency & Waste • Unequal Distribution of Wealth & Income • A Brief History of Private Property • Early Beliefs Concerning Socialism & Property • John Locke • Adam Smith • Jacques Rousseau • The Socialist View of Private Property • Destruction of Traditional Capitalism • American Employment Outsourcing • Marx the Socialist • Does America Actually Safeguard Private Property? • Presidential Emergency & Dictatorial Powers • Creation of Our Central Bank • Confiscation of America’s Gold Coins • Hidden Assaults on Private Property • Further Evidence: Communist Espionage in America • Regulation of America’s Private Property • Centralized Ecomanagement of Lands • The Proposed “Wildlands” • Sovereignty and Proper Government • Other Governmental Abuses of Property Rights • Danger of “Flesh Eating” Bacteria • Land Use in America • Property Acquisition by Condemnation • Outright Government Purchase of Land • Chapter Summary and Conclusions


    Introduction • Socialism’s Attack on American Culture • Harry Belafonte, the Communist • Why Socialism Hates Individualism • What the Bible Says • Valid Objections to Evolution • Physics and Math • Individuals Are Responsible to God • Ongoing Cultural Changes • Individuals Responsible to Whom? • Socialist Individuality • Win the “Battle of Democracy” • American Political Party Deceit • Is Democracy Good for America? • Abortion Denies Individuality • One Socialist’s View of Right-to-Life • Socialism’s Hatred of Individuality • Individuality Explored • The Kibbutz Experiments in Collectivism • Philosophical Objections to Individualism • Definitions of Individuality • The Biblical Principle • Capital Punishment • Public Schools Subtly Attack Individuality • Individuality and the Ten Commandments • Shafarevich’s Work • Capitalism Strengthens Individuality • Individualism and Collectivism • Collectivist Doctrine • The Abolition of Freedom • Chapter Summary


    What is Family and It’s Purpose? • Brief History of Socialist Ideas on Parenting • A World Without Family • Media Acceptance of Mideaastern Family Structure • Importance of Family in Culture • Role of Government in Family Life • Decline of Marriage • Indicators of Family Health • Illegitimate Births • The Fertility Rate • Single-Parent Families • The Marriage Rate • Cohabitating Households • Poverty Rates • Divorce • Child Wellbeing • Child Abuse • Abortion • Sexually Transmitted Diseases • Unplanned Pregnancies • Homosexuality & Same-Sex Marriage • Further Homosexual Assaults on the Family • Expected Homosexual Life Span • Homosexuality and Television • What Karl Marx Said • What the Bible Says • Reasonable Conclusions • Evidence of Resistance to Further Destruction • Summary and Conclusions


    Introduction • What Marx Meant • Recent Socialism in Europe • Marxists and Gradualists • General History of Socialist Parties • Real Purpose of the United Nations • The UN’s Charter and Its Pledged Responsibilities • The UN—A Blueprint for One-World Government • Media Cover for Socialism • The Plan for Global Governance • Benign UN Christian Beginnings • UN’s Socialist Goals for the Family • Consequences of Early UN Policies • More About the Deceitful UN • Communists Will Always Be Communist • The UN Propaganda Source • Soviet Use of the UN • Locating the UN Headquarters • American Disarmament • Inexcusable Nuclear Carelessness • The Kennedy Years • U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith • Further Betrayals • The UN is Not a Peace Agency • More on JFK • Possible Plausible Explanations • Walt Whitman Rostow • Further on Disarmament • Respite from Disarmament • What is the Real U.S. Ideology? • Welcome Foreign Entanglements • Conclusions • Post Script • Recent Socialist Militarism


    Introduction • Background • The Hegelian Dialectic • To Criticize Everything • Further Socialist Truths • Refutations of Socialism’s Eternal Truths • Eternal Truths of Socialism • Other Socialist Eternal Truths • Eternal Truths of Western Civilization • Biblical Influence on Eternal Truths • Comparison of Eternal Truths for Christianity & Socialism • Postmodernism’s Attacks on Absolute Truth • The Role of Marxism • Absolute Truth in America • Is Truth Relative? • Cultural Shift and Change of Government • American Christian History—in Brief • American Protestant Predominance • Early Religious History of Mankind—In Brief • Pre-Modern Era • The Enlightenment • Modernism • Existentialism & Postmodernism • The Beginning of Postmodernism • To Change Our Way of Thinking • Reality as a Social Construct • Abolition of All EternalTruths • Attack on Our Use of Language • Socialism: Source of Postmodernism • Critical Theory • A Permanent Revolution • How To Defeat Postmodernism • Conclusions


    Introduction & Background • Socialism’s Hatred of Religion • Evolution is Compatible with Socialism • Religious Persecution by Socialist Regimes • Communist & Socialist Persecutions • Russian Socialism Today • Socialist Methods of Religious Persecution • How Cruel is Socialism? • English Socialism • America’s Christian Heritage • Supreme Court Ruling • The Biblical Principle • Changes in Christian Sermons & Beliefs Since 1700 • Original Reformed Interpretation of Romans • Petitions for Redress of Grievances • Recent Grievances Actually Filed in America • Other Early Evidences of American Socialism • The Real Abraham Lincoln • The Liberalization of American Mainline Churches • Evidences of Persecution of American Churches • The Jesus Seminar & Anti-Christian Media Bias • Christianity is Reliable • America’s Turning Point • Church Infiltrators • Prayer Banned in Public Schools • Reporting on Decline of Christian Beliefs • Second AFA Report on Religious Views in America • Religious Persecution in America • The Matter of Abortion • Other Examples of Religious Persecution • Hate Crimes Laws • Next Comes Hate Speech • Reasons for Persecution • America: A Post-Christian Nation • The Tyranny of Tolerance • Multiculturalism • Quiet Christianity • Church 501(c)(3) • A Further Weakening of the Faith • Conclusions


    Introduction • Definitions of Eternal Truths & Morality • The Trouble with Morals • Common Societal Theories of Cultural Change • Christian Moral Basis—The Ten Commandments • How Must It Work • Ten Commandments • God-Given Rights • The 1960s Sexual Revolution—A Moral Breakdown • Homosexual Agenda • Dr. Cameron’s Homosexual Longevity Research • Other Statistical Evaluations of Life Span • The Student’s “t” Test • Reasons to Defend Homosexuality • Should Government Protect a Lifestyle? • More Research Needed • Prevailing American Ethics • Further Examples of the Abolition of Morals • Intolerable Tolerance • The Frankfurt School • PC Indoctrination • Media Immorality • A Little Bit of Good TV • Loads of Bad TV • Conclusions


    Introduction • Socialism’s Adaptability • Marxist Ideology • Ideological Awareness • Social Democracy Defined • Socialist Equality • Commonly Held Tenets of Social Democracy Today • SD’s Concept of Society • The Role of the State • Concept of Human Nature • The Role of Economic Institutions • Cooperation of Citizens • Freedom & Liberty • Social Justice • Inequality • Foreign Aid from America • American Involvement in Foreign Nations • Unintended Consequences • Further History and Background of Social Democracy • Its Beginnings • Germany • Eduard Bernstein • The Swedish Example • Religion in Sweden • The Perceived Risks of Social Democracy • Innate Dangers of SD • SD Principles • Politics of American Democrats • Politics of President Barack Obama • Obama’s Mentors & Political Friends • Black Liberationist Dr. James Cone • Conclusions


    Chapter 1—Introduction • How Socialists Operate • Conclusions • Chapter 2—Abolition of Private Property & Capitalism • Conclusions • Chapter 3—Abolition of Individuality and Freedom • Chapter 4—Abolition of the Family • Chapter 5—Abolition of Countries and Nationalities • Conclusions • Chapter 6—Abolition of Eternal Truths • What is Right and Wrong? • Moral Codes • Tolerance & Absolute Truth • Outside Influences • Self-criticism • Conclusions • Chapter 7—Abolition of Religion • Chapter 8—Abolition of Morality • Chapter 9—Social Democracy • Overall Conclusions—for All Socialist Objectives

    Principles of Property • Principles of Democracy • Globalism


    "Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the communists (socialists). The bourgeois (middle class) family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital. Do you charge us with wanting to stop the exploitation of children by their parents? To this crime we plead guilty. But, you will say, we destroy the most hallowed of relations, when we replace home education by social. But the communists (socialists) would introduce the community of women (free sex).”

    —KARL MARX & FRIEDRICH ENGELS, The Communist Manifesto, 1888, page 100, Penguin Classics, NY.

    Marx was indeed extreme to advocate the destruction of the basic building block of all of modern society. Such thinking represents the height of antisocial behavior. Socialists are unique when it comes to espousing such radical, hateful, diabolical and out- landish views. The abolition of family would be classified by most people as pure “hate speech.” Although ideas like this should never be given any serious consideration, they are discussed academically in classrooms to the present time. Instead, perhaps a serious discussion as to how best to oppose them should be undertaken. Marx’s ideas of socialism have been put into actual practice on a limited number of unfortunate occasions—always with disas- trous results. Hundreds of millions of innocent people have died as a direct result of the typical socialist impulses. Nevertheless, Marx is enshrined and ever so seriously discussed in virtually all of the liberal arts and humanities ‘studies’ in every major university in America, as well as throughout all of world literature centers, as if he were one of the greatest ever contributors to culture and philosophical thought. Hopefully, this present investigation will help demonstrate how dangerous his propositions remain today.


    The traditional concept of family—one man and one woman bound together in marriage, usually through a religious service or ceremony—is the most fundamental unit of all of civilization. Family has always been the basic economic and social unit in society. Destroy it and you’ve dealt a lethal blow to Western civilization. What could ever replace the family unit and still be viewed as natural? People want to be in a family; whenever they have a choice, they do not want to live alone. Men and women are basically social creatures.

    The traditional family unit has provided the place called “home,” where people return at the end of each day to rest and renew themselves for tomorrow. It is the basis of the future. In most cases, the family has been a refuge from the storms of everyday life, as well as from its life-and-death crises. At least, this is what it was supposed to be. Family is intended to provide a nest for the young who are conceived there and then brought into the world; it is the place where they grow up and are taught the most important and funda- mental lessons of life. Furthermore, the family is the only natural basis for the procreation of children, thereby providing the raw material of the next generation and the survival of the human race. What could be more important than family? All other social concepts of family are unnatural by comparison. Without a strong family in place, any society would be so fraught with social and economic problems that it would eventually grind to a halt. However, people today do not appear to realize this truth. They are being taught gradually by this “pop” culture that family and marriage is nothing special to be respected and protected, even for the general welfare of all peoples. Thus, we must now gather all our strength and oppose the same-sex marriage movement in America. This agenda will never stop until it succeeds and few, if any, Christian ministers dare to even mention its name.

    In Genesis 2:18 and 2:21-24, the Lord God said: “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” Then: “So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place. And the Lord God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man and brought her to the man. And the man said: ‘This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; She will be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.’ For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.”

    Thus, this marriage union established by the Lord God produced the first family, which has become the basis of all social relationships for the entire human race. Since the 1960s and probably even before that time, there has existed a massive effort undertaken by innumerable unseen groups acting behind the scenes to legally change the definition and meaning of family and marriage. It seems as if every activist liberal or socialist has sprung into action to defend the concept of same-sex marriage. These socialist activists are not interested merely in gaining legal acceptance of new definitions of family, such as in same-sex unions, but they intend secretly that all forms of marriage and family be morphed into their version, by imitating their definition of marriage and family. In short, they want to make us like themselves. Unfortunately, this homosexual confrontation on same-sex marriage corresponds exactly, one could easily contend, to the socialist goals for family first proclaimed by Karl Marx in The Communist Manifesto.

    All available evidence indicates that the abolition of family remains today one of their fundamental socialist goals. It naturally follows that socialism would promote the greater disobedience of children towards their parents, therefore, because such a development would result in the family’s further weakening. Therefore, more rebelliousness and behavioral problems in children helps the cause of true socialists. More social experimentation and social engineering are good for socialism because such efforts lead to increased social and hence familial instability. Should all families breakdown, then so much cultural chaos would ensue that the government itself would be forced to take over the role of family. This situation merely plays right into the socialists’ hands. These dark scenarios are, of course, the brainchild of the great Italian socialist/communist, Antonio Gramsci.

    Greater human “rights” for children of the world (such as are now being promoted by the United Nations) would be a socialistic advance towards Marx’s goal for the family unit! These “human rights” they are talking about for children include: (1) the ‘right’ to have free sexual association with anyone of any age or gender, (2) the ‘right’ to establish or to not establish any religious affiliation they may wish (or that they may be tempted into) and (3) the ‘right’ to a decent education (according to whatever the UN deems most appropriate), (4) the ‘right’ of free association with any ‘friends’ of their own choosing, etc. In other words, the UN is a pro-socialist body with the desire to take our children away from us into their world of atheism, class struggle, class envy, class hatred and world chaos and to destroy and disrupt any appropriate or traditional parent-child relationship, thereby destroying our traditional family and culture. And this is all being done legally—except if the state constitutional amendments pass successfully and if these amendments are not declared unconstitutional, after which the battle lines will merely shift to another tactic until the socialists eventually win. They are organized and we are not.

    Whereas most people just want to earn a living and provide for their family, socialists desire to abolish the concept of family. How antisocial, cynical and hateful that desire is. At times, your immediate family members are the only real friends one may have. Furthermore, socialists have never publicly renounced these antisocial goals of Marx and Engels to abolish our families and our traditional Western civilization, although they’ve had more than 150 years to do so. And even if they had renounced these goals, you still would not want to receive them as friends (except for the sake of the Gospel), since they simply cannot be trusted to have seriously changed their minds. (For a true socialist, any action, no matter how murderous it may be, is justifiable if it advances the cultural revolution—as required by socialism.) Acting logically, one would just ignore them. Nevertheless, it is indisputable that socialists and liberals today continue to have the most dominant or only voice in American politics. There are very few real conservatives who are allowed to speak to larger audiences and these men are ridiculed as radicals, although they may speak like our founding fathers. Therefore, we must continue to speak out against the socialist goals and to reveal their dreadful agenda before it’s too late.
    Is America on the Road to Socialism?

    Author’s new book sounds the alarm; objectives of steadily creeping American socialism exposed

    By Ronald F. Avery, AIA

    The new book On the Road to American Socialism: A Christian Perspective, by Al Hays, Ph.D., PE, reveals to us that socialism is the indisputable cause and the vehicle for our national problems of today. From a degraded, coarsened culture to freely allowing ille- gal immigration to the abysmally poor performance and results of our public schools, Hays shows these issues bear a relationship to the stated goals of socialism.

    Most Americans know little of socialism, nor do they care. Yet all of the injustices and unlawful practices discussed in this book are shown to be the secret goal of socialists: To destroy our nation financially and culturally, as advocated by Italian socialist Antonio Gramsci, and to enslave us all with totalitarianism and pure socialism.

    This author has discovered that socialism began with Karl Marx secretly as an expression of his intense hatred of Christ and His Gospel, which explains the fierce anti-Christian bias prevalent today in America and elsewhere that reigns in the media.

    Ample evidence is provided in the pages of this book to prove from original source documents that socialism deliberately intends to do evil in the name of good. Specifically, it seeks to abolish, destroy or weaken these vital human institutions: private property, capitalism, freedom, individuality, nationality, the traditional family, religion, morality and eternal truths. Thus, Hays shows us that socialism is the animating vehicle for almost all human evil in its insane desire to control others—because socialists cannot control themselves.

    Hays’s book is written from a Christian perspective for many reasons. First, it is because our nation basis than we’ve done since then under secular humanism. The church provided a moral basis then, although imperfect, that served as a binding agent for our early culture and government that is totally absent today. Secondly, Christianity asks us to individually represent Christ in the real world. Today, the church has been slowly liberalized with its impact greatly diminished when it comes to government and culture. And it’s obvious that the media greatly assists in this unfortunate outcome.

    As everyone knows, we face an overwhelming variety of national problems, such as our nearly infinite public debt, our Mideast wars that accomplish nothing of value to America, huge unemployment, rampant abortions, illegal immigration and deliberate media and government vilification of law-abiding Americans like tea party members and Christians.

    Hays contends that Christians, pastors and churches must especially become educated in these matters and become active to restore this nation. Otherwise the Gospel of Christ will be greatly curtailed. So, he concludes, we must act now—or go down to slavery.

    Dr. Al Hays has been a consulting environmental engineer for over 40 years; he holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering (Civil Engineering), a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, all from the University of Texas at Austin. He is married to Joan Camille Hays, Ph.D. in Modern Dance from the University of Texas at Austin and former Professor of Dance at Texas State University. They live in the country in Central Texas.

    In the early-to-mid 1990s he became activated by what were disturbing developments to him in sex education in the Austin ISD system. He with others testified before this group and to the State Board of Education to no avail and the liberal juggernaut rolled on without regard for the safety or the health of young Texas students. Since then our students have become increasingly sexualized, which obviously is directly correlated with increases in out-of-wedlock pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases. Extensive studies and more testimony followed these discoveries, until he vowed to begin work on a book that revealed the connection between these kinds of educational programs and the objectives of socialism. His book research has continued for more than 10 years, mostly to satisfy his opposition to the overall cultural decline.

    Homosexuality was a large part of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, a movement that loudly claimed homosexuals were merely the victims of a mean-spirited bigotry and that their lifestyle was just as normal and as healthy as heterosexuality. Later, Hays saw statistical research results using obituaries on homosexual longevity by Dr. Paul Cameron and thought he could perform a similar work but with a much smaller sample size. He completed this work and obtained identical results to Cameron’s. This work demonstrated clearly that young gays lose approximately 36 years off their normal life expectancy— due only to their lifestyle, a fact that has been consistently ignored or covered up by all who were apprised of it, even the public health officials of our government. There does not appear to be any plausible rationale for this lack of response, curiosity, or concern, except our government’s predetermined agenda of denial.

    Along the way he became active in the Republican Party in Central Texas, serving as an elected Precinct Chairman. During that time, ten years ago, he discovered that the elected Republican officials would not even agree to support their own Party Platform Planks. This alarmed him further, apparently a sign of misplaced political allegiance, also a sign of much deeper corruption below the surface. He immediately left the Republican Party due to this corruption at its top. The urge to divulge these discovered facts, mainly as an act of patriotic spirit, resulted in the publication of the book you now hold in your hands.

    This book’s main conclusion—as to what can and must be done to save our civilization—is for Christians to humble themselves, pray, repent and seek His face, then He will hear our prayer and heal our land from the scourge that now afflicts us so mightily; II Chronicles 7:14. This is our great hope, but we must participate and “suit up for the battle.” Watching from the sideline should not be an option. Thus, in conclusion, we must all become active in the Lord’s salvation of our beloved nation—and soon. It’s an obligation.
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