DEAD WRONG: Straight Facts on the Country's Most Controversial Cover-Ups

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    For years, the government has put out hits on people that they found “expendable,” or who they felt were “talking too much,” covering up their assassinations with drug overdoses and mysterious suicides. In Dead Wrong, a study of the scientific and forensic facts of various Government cover-ups, Richard Belzer and David Wayne argue that Marilyn Monroe was murdered, that the person who shot Martin Luther King Jr. was ordered to do so by the government, and examines many other terrifying lies we've been told throughout our country’s history. The extensive research shows how our government has taken matters into its own hands, plotting murder whenever it saw fit.

    Belzer and Wayne also examine the deaths of White House Counsel Vincent Foster, U.N. Weapons Inspector Dr. David C. Kelly, and bio-weapons expert Dr. Frank Olson, as well as the cases of two murders directly linked Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of the United States.

    “Big Brother” is watching you—through the scope of a sniper rifle. Dead Wrong will give you the straight facts on some of the most controversial and famous deaths this country has ever seen. The harsh reality is that our government only tells us what we want to hear, as they look out for their own best interests and eliminate anyone who gets in their way.

    Hardcover, 306 pages

    "From Dead Wrong by Richard Belzer and David Wayne. Reprinted by permission of Skyhorse Publishing, Inc."

    From the Introduction by David Wayne

    Governments tell lies, and most of us are learning to look at that as a reality. Forensic evidence stands in stark contrast, exhibiting the signposts of truth in a mute testimony that is almost timeless.

    Those who commit crimes--be they governments, mobsters, or maniacs--inevitably make mistakes. And it's the evidence--in its silent but relentless integrity--which proves that which actually took place.

    Even at its ugliest, evidence is somehow comforting, even beautiful: Purplish bruises (known technically as lividity marks) telling us that a body was moved post-mortem; dried vomit that ran up a cheek, informing that the victim wasn't standing or sitting at the time of death and that any drugs involved were not fully ingested.

    Evidentiary findings serve as a fixed beacon from which to navigate the shifting sands of time. They are of such significance that even what is missing helps us to solve the puzzle: an absence of sufficient blood determines what could not have happened at a crime scene; a stomach without refractive crystals screams to us that the victim could not have swallowed the drugs.

    So, if you still believe that Marilyn Monroe overdosed on pills, or that Lee Harvey Oswald murdered JFK, or that Sirhan Bishara Sirhan killed Senator Robert Kennedy, then you better keep reading. In fact, you owe it to yourself as a witness to history. All the aforementioned allegations are quite literally impossible. If at first glance that seems arrogant, then just read those three chapters--it won't seem so after you have; for it is not a matter of opinions--those are the conclusions that the evidence necessitates. Examine the facts fairly and you will reach the same conclusions. Former FBI Special Agent Zack Shelton, whose excellent investigative summary, The Shelton Report, appears exclusively in our JFK chapter, summed up our work ethic best:
    "I don't have any theories. All I have are the facts."

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