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    The Centuries of Revolution: DEMOCRACY • COMMUNISM • ZIONISM


    The Tradition of the Mother: The Aryan & Non-Aryan in the Near East & Europe 3000 B.C. - 1000 A.D.


    The Centuries of Revolution: DEMOCRACY • COMMUNISM • ZIONISM

    One of the most hard-hitting, no-nonsense writers on the American scene today, William White has been reviled for his candor, bankrupted, and railroaded into federal prison. But he remains undaunted.

    In his latest book, The Centuries of Revolution: DEMOCRACY • COMMUNISM • ZIONISM, White has stepped forward with an unsettling—but highly readable and consistently fascinating— expose (and analysis) of the dark forces behind world subversion that have worked relentlessly on virtually every front to forcibly transform traditional European (and American) culture for the benefit of the financial and political power of the organized Jewish community.

    Tracing the origins of this agenda back to pre-Biblical times, exploring the worship of the strange gods the Israelites encountered in Egypt, White demonstrates—with shocking clarity—that the underlying philosophy of revolution has been insidiously utilized to mesmerize and enslave the peoples of the West in order to achieve the ultimate dream of world domination. Democracy, Communism and Zionism are their tools.

    This panoramic overview of historical realities lays waste to much of the nonsense and historical misinformation circulating today. This is an invaluable source of hidden history you'll study and reference time and again. But be prepared for a journey into unexplored territory where very real demons hold sway.

    Softcover, 200 pages


    The Tradition of the Mother: The Aryan & Non-Aryan in the Near East & Europe 3000 B.C. - 1000 A.D

    In this amazing compilation of in-depth essays, author William White examines the roles and effects of the Aryan and non-Aryan upon the cultures of the Near East and Europe. White calls upon his vast knowledge of ancient cultures to rewrite the history of this tumultuous era and present us with a finely-woven tapestry, uncolored by political correctness. Beginning with an explanation of how our myths and history have been so intertwined as to leave us asking where the line can be drawn, he moves onto examinations of the religious and cultural interplay between various disparate peoples.

    Analyses cover:

    • The spiritual difference between Odin, god of the ancient Europeans, and Yahweh, god of the Semites
    • The diffusion of the Aryan in antiquity
    • The cultures of the Near East and Egypt
    • Bible dating and the racial schema of Genesis
    • A history of the term Hebrew
    • The errors of Josephus
    • The tradition of the Mother Goddess cults
    • The Trojan period
    • The mysterious Etruscan people and the influence of the Semite
    • The Hittites
    • The Egyptian culture and its battle with the Semites
    • The Hurrians
    • Yahweh unmasked
    • The Indo-European Holy Cow
    • The real King Minos
    • Demeter and Hera
    • Sumerian culture
    • The Great Mother's consorts
    • The Great Mother in India and Egypt
    • The role of Baal
    • Akhenaten's reformations and how he lost Palestine
    • Geitr, the goat god, and what he really was
    • The god of the witches
    • Yahweh and Satan
    • Britain and Arthur
    • The Norman invasion
    • Thor's conquest of the Midgard Serpent
    • The storm god
    • The parting of the waters
    Plus Bill's experiences battling the Police State, and much more.
    Softcover, 236 pages


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