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America has always been a country of entrepreneurs, builders, and creators. As we work to restore our economy, it is important to stand behind the American companies that make good products, maximize U.S. employment, and earn the loyalty of their workers and the communities of which they're a part. Roger Simmermaker introduces to us 50 companies doing just that, and explains how we can all be part of a strong national recovery.

Softcover, 145 pages
Excerpt from Chapter 1:

There are no foreign-owned companies profiled in this book. Supporting them sends profits to foreign investors, foreign owners, and foreign stockholders in foreign lands. Supporting them means that taxes on their profits will be paid to foreign treasuries of foreign governments.

That’s not the case with American-owned companies. They boost our prosperity because they pay nearly twice as much in taxes to the U.S. treasury as compared to foreign-owned companies in similar industries. This is not to say that they pay a higher level of taxes but rather to highlight to which national treasury they pay their taxes.

Patronizing American-owned companies…lets us keep not only jobs in American but also our profits and our tax base as well. And the jobs that American companies typically provide go far beyond just jobs in manufacturing. When we support an American company that is headquartered in the United States, normally this means that we also support American jobs in positions like research and development, design, testing, engineering, administration, and advertising.

he ownership or nationality of a company is of vital importance to all of us when we’re making a consumer purchase. Since ownership equals control, and control equals independence, our continued prosperity and independence as a nation depends upon making choices that are in our national interest. Our nation established a Declaration of Independence, not Declaration of Interdependence.

How can we remain an independent nation if we have companies operating in the United States that are under foreign ownership and foreign control? Purchasing an American-made product, but not caring about who owns the company that is making that product or where it is based, does not help to ensure that most of our dollars stay in this country. That’s why I only buy from American-owned companies, companies just like the ones featured in this book.
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