ESCAPE from the BUNKER: The Escape of Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann from the Fürherbunker as Told by Nazi Spy Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco

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    America’s foremost authority on WWII U-boat warfare says he has proof Martin Bormann—and Adolf Hitler—escaped the Berlin Bunker. And now, here’s the book WWII buffs have been waiting for.

    In 1984, Harry Cooper, a former Naval Reserve officer and the found of Sharkhunters, received a letter from one of the many surviving WWII members of the organization. The man, appearing as Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco, said he was a Spaniard and that he had worked for Japanese and German intelligence. He made more astounding claims, the most amazing of which was that it was he who smuggled top Nazi Martin Bormann out of Berlin via U-Boat to South America. It was Bormann who knew where the massive Nazi bank accounts were, ready to fund a planned National Socialist resurgence. Don Angel also said he knew what happened to Hitler and that he most certainly did not die in the Fuhrerbunker.

    After extensive fact checking, background research and the submission of the manuscript to exacting scrutiny from a select group of World War II experts, no one could poke a single hole anywhere in Don Angel’s story. This is not just another “Hitler lived” book based on innuendo, rumor and fourth-hand information. Instead, Escape From The Bunker: The Escape of Adolf Hitler and Martin Bormann from the Fürherbunker as Told by Nazi Spy Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco is the true and detailed recollections of the man who safely delivered Martin Bormann to Argentina and believes he met an aging Hitler in 1953.

    Softcover, 96 pages

    This book is the faithful transcription of a 1984 letter from a man I knew through my organization Sharkhunters, which focuses on the authentic history of WWII submarines and their captains and crews from all nations. This fellow wrote me a letter one day telling me a fanciful story of his experience as a World War II spy and ‘Nazi smuggler.’ He claimed he was a Spaniard and that his name was Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco. He claimed he smuggled Hitler’s second, Martin Bormann, out of the Berlin bunker and smuggled him to South America. He claimed that in 1953 he met a man who those around him called ‘the Fuhrer.’ The man bore an uncanny likeness to an aging Adolf Hitler. Don Angel said he had heard that Hitler escaped Berlin as well, drugged and whisked away by those in his inner circle. The ‘dead Hitler’ was nothing more than a double. The claims were so fantastic—but so fascinating—I checked him out through surviving WWII contacts I still have who are members of Sharkhunters. He was who he said he was. The more I read the manuscript—spending hours with other experts trying to poke holes in the story—the more I realized there was a very good chance this man was telling the truth. Now I know he was.

    — Harry Cooper

    Harry Cooper is the founder and president of Sharkhunters International.

    Read his bio here.


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