It Is Dangerous To Be Right when the Government Is Wrong

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    Judge Andrew P. Napolitano examines the concept the government hates and fears the most: Freedom. The United States of America was born out of a bloody revolt against tyranny. Yet almost from its inception, the government here has suppressed liberty.

    In his sixth book on the Constitution and human freedom, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano asks: Where does freedom come from? How can government in America exercise power that the people have not given to it? What forces have collaborated to destroy personal freedom?

    In this back-to-basics on freedom, Judge Napolitano addresses hard questions: Do we still have a Constitution? What are the limits to government in a free society? Why does the government attack, rather than defend, our rights? If our rights are inalienable, how can the government take them away? Do we really own any private property?

    The judge gives a sweeping treatment of rights and all the philosophical, religious and ideological principles that underscore the concept of human freedom.

    Hardcover, 283 pages

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