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    Here’s economics viewed in the light of the social doctrine of the church, prepared by Alain Pilote.

    In God's family, no one ought to go without the necessities of life. The aim of a just social order is to guarantee to each person, according to the principle of subsidiarity, his share of the community's goods.

    Social Credit proposals explained in 10 lessons, each one being the logical continuation of the previous one.

    The first lesson begins with principles, and from there, we lay the foundations to have a full knowledge of all that Social Credit implies.

    Here is the list of the 10 lessons:

    Lesson 1: The end of economics—to make goods join those who need them
    Lesson 2: Poverty amidst plenty—The birth and death of money
    Lesson 3: Banks create money as a debt
    Lesson 4: The solution: debt-free money created by society
    Lesson 5: The chronic shortage of purchasing power—The dividend
    Lesson 6: Money and prices—The compensated discount
    Lesson 7: The history of banking control in the United States, and famous quotes on money
    Lesson 8: Social Credit is not a political party, but a sound and effective financial system
    Lessons 9 and 10: Social Credit and the social doctrine of the Church

    Softcover, 150 pages


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