REMOTE CONTROL: The Battle for Your Mind

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    -Can your opinions be the push of a button?

    -Can you be compelled to do someone else's the turn of a dial?

    -Does every thought that "just pops into your head" really come from inside you...or from somewhere else?

    -Do you enjoy reading a good horror story? How about one where, someday, you might find yourself cast in the leading role?...
    An interactive, real-life horror story?

    -Are you ready... to be chilled to the bone?

    Cutting-edge book about the secretive science of mind control and Zionist governmental intrigue. Including documents never before published. Unsettling.

    Softcover, 305 pages

    From 1975-7998, the UN Committee on Disarmament has discussed the Russian proposals to ban "new types of weapons of mass destruction. One of these weapons was described by the Soviet government in 1979 as "Infrasonic 'acoustic radiation' weapons. They would utilize harmful infrasonic oscilations on biocurrents of the brain and nervous system." (U.N. Department for Disarmament Affairs, 1985, 115). But neither side has admitted to having electromagnetic weapons. The Pentagon has stated that "Radiofrequency weapons are too sensitive to discuss." ("CNN Reports, 1985).

    One afternoon, he was pacing the floor in his cell and worrying. Then, he felt the start of something new. It felt like they were using some kind of oscillator. They were beaming something directly at him. And what they were transmitting at him was causing extreme mental agitation. It was a directed-energy assault on his mind.


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