THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN THE WORLD: The Explosive True Story of Julian Assange and the Lies, Cover-ups, and Conspracies He Exposed

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    In THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN THE WORLD: THE EXPLOSIVE TRUE STORY OF JULIAN ASSANGE AND THE LIES, COVER-UPS, AND CONSPIRACIES HE EXPOSED, journalist Andrew Fowler talks to Julian Assange, his inner circle and his enemies, deftly revealing the story of how a man with a brilliance for computers created a phenomenon that has disrupted the worlds of both journalism and international politics.

    From Assangeʼs early skirmishes with Scientology to the release of 570,000 intercepts of pager messages from September 11, 2001, and on to the video showing American soldiers firing on civilians and reporters, Fowler takes us along on an explosive journey.

    From the founding of WikiLeaks right up to Cablegate and the threat of further leaks in 2011 that he warns could bring down a major American bank, Fowler exposes it all.

    Hardcover, 271 pages
    Excerpt from 115:

    Echoing the feeling at the time that it was a military-style operation, Assange said WikiLeaks would be able to move faster than an US legal counterattack. ‘What I predicted would happen is precisely what happened,’ he said. Assange and his group pass freely through the border security. Nobody had recognized him and even if they had, he didn’t appear to be on a wanted list. Certainly none carried in various bags. They may have been slightly more interested in the number of DVDs he and his colleagues had with them, particularly if they’d taken the time to play one of them.


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