What if Cannabis Cured Cancer

Cannabis Cured Cancer
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    Let it be said, right up front, that even if you’re not interested in the obvious scientific and medical focus of the film What if Cannabis Cured Cancer, Len Richmond’s documentary is important from a political standpoint, for in pursuing its topic the film demonstrates, in a number of ways, that there is a long-standing collusion between the government, the medical establishment and the mass media in manipulating public perception, misreporting and misrepresenting scientific and historical facts, and shaping attitudes about cultural issues.


    From the title alone, you can see that this documentary starts off being controversial. We’re not talking here about the legal use of marijuana, derived from the herb known as cannabis, as a painkiller. We’ve all heard about that.

    No—instead, this film asserts with no hesitation that “cancer cells are killed by marijuana.” That’s right, you heard it correctly—and in 60 powerful minutes the film presents a strong argument for that thesis. According to the film, the U.S. government knows that marijuana kills cancer.

    Right now, some 13 states and the District of Columbia have approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Yet, despite the fact cannabis has been shown to be a valid treatment, having, among other things, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, there are still people who are fighting medical marijuana with great energy.

    You can imagine how they react to this film, which contends, quite directly, that marijuana is not just a painkiller but also an effective cancer-fighting substance with no harmful side effects and that can provide a healthy replacement for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. In fact, the advocates assert, marijuana has been effective in treating brain, breast and prostate cancer— among other cancers.

    Many of those who have had cancer or had a loved one who had cancer know all about chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Chemotherapy and radiation kill thousands every year.

    The film demonstrates, based on the work of researchers worldwide, that marijuana stops reproduction of cancer cells, stops production of new blood vessels that help tumors grow, and stops cancer from spreading. It speeds the death of bad cells without harming good cells, something that cannot be said for radiation or chemotherapy.

    Prior to the time that cannabis was outlawed in 1937, it was well known as an herb used in natural care by native American Indians and appropriated by European-, Asian- and African-Americans to the point that, at one time, it was part of every small- town doctor’s medical bag. Physicians even suggested it to pregnant patients for labor pains. The documentary also addresses the negative health claims about marijuana use.

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