TRUTH ABOUT MONEY: The Worst Fraud/Scandal/Swindle/Crime in American History: The Federal Reserve Banking Act

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    Money controls, funds and determines virtually everything that happens in the modern, increasingly digital financial world. As Americans, we must ask who ultimately and morally deserves to own the rights and benefits of money creation? The choice is obvious. All Americans deserve to benefit. But we don't. Find out why and also how things are supposed to be in this hard-hitting little book.

    Softcover, 165 pages

    Excerpt from page 45:

    Nowhere in this wonderful and precious document does it say for Congress to give away the supreme power of money creation and its benefits to private interests, yet this is exactly what happened so long ago during the Christmas holidays when most legislators were not present during the vote. Conceived by extremely selfish, greedy, and evil-minded men, The Federal Reserve Act was the worst Christmas present ever given to the American people.

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