WILLIS CARTO and the American Far Right

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    Who Is Willis Carto?

    Meet the man who’s been called frightening, controversial and mysterious and who’s been a driving force behind such independent media voices as The Spotlight, The Barnes Review and American Free Press, among many others.

    For over 50 years he’s been one of the front-line figures in the American nationalist movement and the target of groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

    Here’s the first-ever full-length biography of Willis A. Carto.

    Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t. But Carto’s central role (usually behind the scenes) in so many important projects of interest to American patriots, is the focus of this wide-ranging and intriguing work. Love him or hate him, here’s his story.

    Considering the volume of lies and disinformation that’s been circulated about Carto over the years, this work by George Michael, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise, is a reasonably objective study by a scholar who’s taken the time to interview Carto and his associates, delve through the archives and try to separate the facts from the myths.

    Includes never-before-published pictures and fascinating details from Carto’s personal files.

    Hardcover, dust jacket, 341 pages, exclusive photos

    Table of Contents

    List of Illustrations vii

    Introduction 1

    List of Illustrations -- vii

    2. The Far Right before Carto -- 5

    3. Early Years -- 18

    4. Right -- 24

    5. Uniting the Right -- 41

    6. The Birth of Liberty Lobby -- 62

    7. Francis Parker Yockey and Imperium -- 75

    8. The Turbulent Decade -- 87

    9. Youth for Wallace -- 94

    10. The Spotlight -- 102

    11. Opposition -- 113

    12. The Institute for Historical Review -- 124

    13. The Populist Worldview -- 144

    14. The Populist Party -- 157

    15. The Rise and Decline of the Christian Patriot/Militia Movement -- 177

    16. Internecine Battles: The Struggle with the IHR -- 195

    17. The Barnes Review -- 209

    18. Death and Rebirth? The End of the Spotlight and the Emergence of American Free Press -- 218

    19. Conclusion: Willis Carto and the Postwar American Far Right -- 239

    Notes -- 247

    Bibliography -- 313

    The Right Book for Americans Left in Ignorance -5/5 stars

    By Richard Clark on May 25, 2009 (Amazon.com)

    In view of the fact there are so many American concepts concerning what's "right", what's "left," what's "conservative" and what's "liberal," it is with much appreciation that many readers will welcome George Michael's analysis.

    Historical research plays a prominent role in his book, and this gives it the credibilty and subsequent value it deserves. In an American century that endured the 9/11 crisis toward the beginning, and is only now beginning to see governmental decisions declassified, I am reminded of a statement given by C.P. Snow in 1960: "It is very easy, in an atmosphere of crisis, in the midst of secret decisions, for men to surrender both their reason and their will."

    Small wonder, then, that Rush Limbaugh doesn't appear in the index, but Willis Carto and Francis Parker Yockey do. I doubt many Limbaugh-schooled conservatives have ever heard of Carto and Yockey. Michael offers them an opportunity to expand their education. But, with Snow's wisdom in mind, is there any reason to believe they will?


    A biography of an admirable but unexciting man - 4/5 stars

    By J. Michael on June 24, 2014 (Amazon.com)

    While the book did contain some information and pictures I had never seen before- e.g. Carto's war service, his friendship with Otto Skorzeny, and some other things- there really weren't any unexpected revelations here for anyone with a vague knowledge of Carto. Hardly the spooky and shadowy figure the Left makes him out to be, the man was what he represented himself as: a patriotic American who made a fair amount of money through right-wing newspaper and book publishing and who used that money to promulgate his message of paleo-conservatism, Jeffersonian populism, traditional morality and national self-interest.

    What set him apart from his competitors was that he was a down-to-earth businessman who was not beset by delusions of grandeur. He never wanted, or had the constitution to be the Fuhrer or the man on a horse; he only wanted his government to return to sanity in a time of treachery and deliberate subversion at the highest levels. He had the unique sense to produce a product that mainstream Americans of his generation found attractive, while very subtly introducing the more radical ideas- on race, WWII and the Jews- that would have been reflexively rejected had they been broached more openly.

    However, his critics had a point in that his readership became increasingly geriatric and thus less consequential. To be fair, that can be explained by the greater degeneracy and political correctness of the younger generation, even on the Right, not to mention their weaker literacy and lesser sense of patriotism. After all, his detractors and competitors never caught the attention of the youth either. Nevertheless, it was a glaring failure. 

    George J. Michael (born 1961) is an American associate professor of political science and administration of justice at The University of Virginia's College at Wise. He studies right-wing extremism, including the relationship between militant Islam and the far right, and is the author of Confronting Right-Wing Extremism and Terrorism in the USA (2003), The Enemy of My Enemy: The Alarming Convergence of Militant Islam and the Extreme Right (2006), Willis Carto and the American Far Right (2008), and Theology of Hate: A History of the World Church of the Creator (2009).


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