I Rode with Tupper

By Pat Shannon
Story of writer Tupper Saussy
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    Pat Shannan’s memoirs while ‘on the run’ with famed political dissident Tupper Saussy. “It ought to be required reading in order to graduate high school,” says one current political prisoner, “but many high schoolers can’t even read.”

    Here is the story of writer Tupper Saussy and his flight from federal persecution. Early during his disappearance underground, Saussy contacted his trusted friend for help. Author and journalist Pat Shannan tells of their traveling together and secret affiliation during Saussy’s 10 + years spent hiding and his own education with an excellent mentor that few can ever claim. The money facts and walk through history in this book are as current today as when they were written. This book is timeless and was the source of Saussy’s problems with the federal government.

    Softcover, 217 pages

    Excerpt from page 27:

    The rain falls from only one source--the clouds. Once on earth, it ends up in many places: 'on deposit' in lakes and oceans; 'in circulation' in rivers and streams; and eventually, it returns, via evaporation, to the sky. There is a balance between the amount leaving the earth via evaporation and the amount returning as rain. Were that not the case, we would end up either flooded or a desert.

    Suppose now that the only source of rain, the clouds, were to regard the rain which fell upon the earth as a loan, to be repaid with interest. In other words, more water would have to be evaporated than provided by rainfall. How could earth return to an only source more than it was given? That is the question to ask regarding our money. How can the borrowers of the country return to the banks more than was borrowed? Principal, after all, was borrowed. But principal plus interest must be returned. How can this be done?

    It can't, except by borrowing money that that must be repaid and that's where your government comes up with another illusory term, 'deficit spending.'
    Excerpt from page 101:

    A Constitutional Republic, such as the United States of America, is set up with rule by law. The majority rule ends at the ballot box where we elect our representatives to oversee that Republic and law. Each takes an oath to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.” When that republic evolves into a democracy, such as in the United States today, fifty-one percent can be brainwashed into overriding that supreme law and force the other forty-nine percent to do whatever. It then is no longer rule by law (God) but rule by man.

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