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    “Synopsizes” 12 books and explains how international power brokers will destroy America for the NWO.

    1. A Century of War by F. William Engdahl, 1993.
    2. Tragedy and Hope by Professor Carrol Quigley
    3. The Naked Capitalist by Cleon Skousen
    4. The Tax-Exempt Foundations by William H. McIlhany
    5. The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
    6. 1984 by George Orwell
    7. Report from Iron Mountain by Leonard Lewin
    8. The Greening by Larry Abraham
    9. The Politics of Heroin by Alfred W. McCoy
    10. Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper
    11. Dope, Inc. by the Editors of Executive Intelligence Review
    12. Let's Fix America! by Alan B. Jones

    More and more, Americans are coming to feel that something has gone fundamentally wrong in our society. We have suffered repetitive wars, big and small, some won and some lost, but with peace always lost. Our society has been drained of around $5T in welfare costs since LBJ's War on Poverty was declared, but with no diminution in the incidence of "poverty." Our "War on Drugs" has also been a lost, with its societal costs running around $500B per year. The cost of fixes for runaway environmentalism has reached about $1T since the birth of the EPA and still going up. Two breadwinners per family has become normal, just to keep bread on the table.

    Americans feel put upon, and they are right, but they don't know who's doing it to them or why. Such issues have been pondered by researchers for many years, but the historical facts are finally bringing the pieces of the puzzle together. This book paints a picture of that largely completed puzzle, and lays out who the culprits are, why they are doing what they are doing, and how they are managing to pull off what is probably the biggest mass robbery of wealth and individual freedom in human history.

    Your reading this book will help to expose and stop the destruction and guarantee a future of freedom rather than slavery for your children.

    Softcover, 373 pages
    Excerpt from page 174:

    (Summarizing The Politics of Heroin by Alfred W. McCoy)

    The termination of legal distribution of narcotics did not end addiction, however, and criminal syndicates grew up to supply the demand for both alcohol and narcotics. But whereas alcohol prohibition was terminated in 1933, ending its criminal involvement, the narcotics ban has remained permanent, says McCoy, “making the illicit heroin traffic the most constant source of income for organized crime in America.”

    Alan B. Jones is a recently retired electrical engineer, having worked for a major U. S. manufacturing firm for over 40 years. He was "bitten by the political bug back in the Goldwater days," and once ran for office himself, for State Senator on a third party ticket, but has not otherwise been in the public spotlight.


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