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    Let’s FIX America! identifies many of the real socio-political problems facing Americans today, develops solutions for long-term fixes for these problems, and offers a non-partisan political approach for implementing those solutions.

    The proposals deal with eliminating inflation, balancing the federal budget and eventually eliminating the federal debt, replacing the income tax, replacing the “untouchable” transfer programs, including Medicare, Social Security and welfare, dealing definitively with education issues, drugs, urban crime, liability litigation, abortion, AIDS, immigration, foreign policy, and the structural repair of Congress. Solutions are tested against criteria of Locke, Jefferson, and other Constitutionalists.

    Softcover, 239 pages

    Excerpt from page 118:

    The federal government presently makes monetary grants, or guarantees loans, to various college students, under various conditions. We propose that all such grants and loans be terminated, with the exception of the educational entitlement granted to persons serving in the armed forces of the United States, the latter being an “employee benefit” aimed at encouraging such voluntary service. Many private individuals and institutions, as well as the various states, will remain in the scholarship and educational assistance business, but it is a business in which the federal government has no legitimate, constitutional interest, outside of the “GI Bill” aspect mentioned above.


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