PROFITS of DEATH: An Insider Exposes the Death Care Industries

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    Blows the Whistle on the Predatory Practices of the Funeral Industry

    Profits of Death exposes the rip-offs from embalming to cremation to internment. Learn what funeral directors and cemetery operators do and how they skillfully part consumers (usually stricken with grief) from their money. Darryl J. Roberts, a 30-year veteran of the "death care" industries, guides the reader through the maze of important decisions that must be made and describes how to avoid getting taken advantage of in the process. The combination of the author's experience, candor, wit and the valuable information he imparts makes this book a must read for all ages.

    Softcover, 238

    Excerpt page 152:

    Fret not for the one-owner funeral home nor for the multi-national conglomerates. They will survive. They will continue to adapt. They will continue to organize into potent lobbying forces to protect their corporate turf. They will continue to manipulate the grief-stricken as they always have. Remember, though, for them to have customers, people need to die.


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