Rothschild, Illuminati, Bilderberg, 666, Secret Societies


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    Texe Marrs examines the secret societies of the Illuminati in light of Bible prophecies and United States history.

    Includes information on:

    1) The mysterious symbols on the U.S.A. one-dollar bill;

    2) The Jewish Zionist intrigue of Haym Salomon, Rothschild agent and financier of the American Revolution;

    3) The Builders—the goal of the Illuminati to build an occult utopia on earth;

    4) Proof of existence of the Order of the Illuminati, founded in 1776;

    5) The occult message hidden in the official logo of the Council on Foreign Relations;

    6) The “666” symbolism discovered in the logo of the Trilateral Commission;

    7) The Order of Skull and Bones, the Bilderbergers, and other Illuminist groups.

    DVD, 60 minutes


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