UFOs, Edgar Cayce, blood types


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    How do UFOs operate? Is it possible that ancient aliens still exert an extraterrestrial influence over our planet today? Did the U.S. military make ships disappear during the Philadelphia Experiment? How did sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce use remote viewing to cure patients thousands of miles away? Is artificial intelligence the final conspiracy? Are royal bloodlines and specific blood types today’s greatest cover-up? Who invented the first weather modification device? All these topics and more are presented in mind-blowing fashion.

    Softcover, 265 pages, over 200 photographs, 7.5” x 9.25”, 33 full-page prints by artist Duncan Long

    Introduction: PDBs (Perception Dimension Boxes)

    The Wizard of Oz and Jim Keith

    Terry Anthony: The Promise of Non-Rational Thought

    Conspiratus Interview

    The Road to Eleusis: Hallucinogenic Food of the Gods

    Aldous Huxley: Doors to a Brave New World

    Terence McKenna: Psychedelic Cowboy

    DMT: Triggering the Invisible

    Robert Anton Wilson: Cosmic Reality Tunnels

    Crazy Carl Robinson: The Trickster-Prankster Motif

    Carl Jung: The Daimon Speaks

    Salvador Dali: Surrealistic Dimensions

    William Burroughs: Word Virus Control Mechanisms

    John Nash: Phantom Madness

    Rod Serling: Twilight Sightings

    Mole People: Notes from Underground

    Edgar Cayce: Akashic Prophecy

    Peter Crowe: Linear Entrapment and Beyond

    Babel Magazine and WING TV Excerpts: Piercing the Veils of Illusion

    Coral Haines: Paranormal Phenomenon & Bloodlines

    Nikola Tesla: Free Energy Genius

    Wilhelm Reich: Orgone Wars

    The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

    Artificial Intelligence: The Final Conspiracy

    The Matrix: Red Pill/Blue Pill

    Stanley Kubrick and Ancient Aliens

    UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Presence

    Bob Lazar: UFO Propulsion Systems

    Aleister Crowley & Jack Parsons: Magickal Workings

    Kenneth Anger: Lucifer Rising

    Conclusion: Visions & Visitations


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