Machine Elves, Cosmic Serpents, Quantum Magick


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    This text goes deeper down the rabbit hole than most anything available today. Not only are quantum theory and its relationship to the paranormal discussed, but also psychic censorship, Tesla free energy, and how highly illegal mind-altering substances trigger the pineal gland (third eye). Although barely discussed, what precisely are “machine elves,” and why are so many convinced that they exist? Just as importantly, the secret life of plants is explained, and its conclusions will leave readers stunned.

    Softcover, 142 pages

    Welcome to Alternity

    Aleister Crowley

    Magick and Will

    Enter the Trickster

    Chaos vs. Order

    Chaos vs. Order II

    The Spark of Consciousness

    The Pineal Gland


    Machine Elves

    Cosmic Serpents

    Quantum Theory

    Quantum Magick


    The Paranormal and Science

    Paranoiac-Critical Method

    Psychic Censorship

    The Scarecrow Complex

    The Holographic Model

    Multiple Personalities

    Id Unleashed

    Count Korzybski

    The Bicameral Mind

    Zero Point “Reality”

    String Theory

    Extrasensory Space

    Empty Space

    Morphogenic Fields

    Tesla Free Energy

    Carl Jung: Mage

    Dr. John Lillys Alternity

    Imprinting vs. Reprogramming

    Charlatan Shaman

    The Secret Life of Plants

    Big Bangs . . . and Bangs and Bangs?

    Formative Causation

    Chaos vs. Equilibrium

    The Denial of Death

    Secret Society Razzle Dazzle

    Matrix Copper Tops

    Grand Unification Pipedreams



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