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BLOCK-It POCKET™ 4” x 7”

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    Block harmful emissions from your cell phone and stop thieves from accessing the data in your phone with . . .

    Block-it Pocket™

    Privacy protection for cell phone, credit cards, passports!

    Block-it Pocket™—the latest in simple and affordable protection from data thieves and harmful radiation from your cell phone!

    Cell phones can operate with as little as 1-millionth of a normal signal. A minimum of 80 dB attenuation (blocking) material is required to achieve blocking, as well as a complete no-leak seal. The Block-it Pocket™ works by incorporating blocking materials like pure silver, copper, stainless steel and nickel onto high quality fabric.

    The result in the Block-it Pocket™ is 100+ dB attenuation. These fabrics are then hand sewn into the Block-it Pocket™, extending beyond the cover to create a complete signal blocking enclosure. Extensive testing, as well as thousands of satisfied customers have proven that Block-it Pocket™ products work!

    Many people also do not know that virtually all new devices can be accessed remotely, even with the device powered off and the battery removed! It’s true! Illegal accessing of wireless devices is rampant.

    Why Block-It? Because Your HEALTH and PRIVACY Matter!

    Block-it Pocket™ is specifically designed to protect your Health and Privacy. In a wireless world, we strongly believe that you should have a choice to regulate the potential hazards associated with wireless technologies.

    Made in America, by Americans, with a commitment to quality, Block-it Pocket™ is the product to help protect you and your family.

    If you travel by plane frequently or often find yourself taking your cell phone or tablet out of the house, you might be wondering how to stop wireless spies. This is a legitimate concern that deserves to be addressed! We make wireless radiation barrier sleeves that will protect your sensitive data, photographs, and other documents from theft. Now more than ever, it is critical to protect yourself against identity thieves.

    The fact is, virtually ANYONE can track your every movement! With a little know how, your movement, texts, phone calls and email can all be accessed. But only if there is a signal available. This is one of the key reasons why we’ve created the Block-it Pocket™.

    Harmful Wireless Radiation is REAL!

    Radiation from mobile phones and wireless devices have been scientifically proven to cause changes in cell structure, which can pose great risks to health, an authoritative two-year study has concluded. In groundbreaking research on the effects of radiation on the brain—which has for the first time used human cells rather than rats—scientists found that even low-level emissions from handsets adversely affect cells.

    They believe these changes could disable a safety barrier in the body which is meant to protect the brain from harmful substances in the blood. Young children are significantly more susceptible to these effects! These scientists are now calling for further research to discover how important the effects on human health can be.

    Made in the USA, 100% Money Back!

    We know you will be satisfied with this product. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the quality and performance of your Block-it Pocket™, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund—no questions asked.

    Block-it Pocket™ has helped thousands of customers protect their HEALTH and PRIVACY. We encourage you to consider how we can help you and your family.

    Product Features and benefits

    • Avoid annoying phone calls or texts at just the wrong moment. Calls will be blocked while your phone is in your Block-it Pocket™, but messages will be recorded.

    • eliminates outside entities from tracking or hacking the data in your cell phone.

    • no more damaging radiation while carrying your device. Block-it Pocket™ has been shown to block all harmful waves emanating from your phone.

    • Provides protection from electro-magnetic pulses.

    • Protects RFID-chipped passports, credit cards and transponders while your phone is in the Block-it Pocket™

    • Water resistant material. (Will not protect your phone if you drop it in water.)

    • Hand washable.

    • made in America by Americans

    • Fully tested


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