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This book reveals in 16 chapters the shadow organizations that call the shots, not the elected professional politicians or brilliantly dressed ambassadors. These are the unknown men, who take part in these councils and are the high financiers that are superior to vain ephemeral politicians.

Some of the topics covered in detailing the Committee include the history of the conspiracy, the narcotics trade, the role of the military, the Federal Reserve coup d’état, the conspiracy of free trade, and war and paper money.

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Softcover, 233 pages


The Rothschild Dynasty by Dr. John Coleman, author of The Committee of 300, tells how Mayer Amschel, the founder of the “Red Shield” dynasty, acquired his first fortune. It is a far cry from the myths and legends that still surround the man who began as a rag and bone merchant and pawnbroker, working out of a small house on Judenstrasse, Frankfurt on the Main, Germany, where he lived with his wife and family.

    The above photograph was taken at a now infamous party the Rothschild family held in 1972 where attendees all wore bizarre masks and costumes and engaged in tawdry activities. This particular costume made reference to the famous painting “The Son of Man,” making a direct biblical reference to Eve eating the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden.

The events attributed to history are often caused by a “hidden hand” pulling the strings of kings, emperors, princes and potentates from behind the scenes. This phenomena is explained, and the legends that have grown up around the Rothschilds are demolished by this book that also reveals the Rothschild’s intriguing that brought down men like Napoleon and Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

Legend has it that Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s “genius and financial skills” were inherited by his sons, but the truth is quite a different story, as Dr. Coleman makes very clear in this well documented account that goes far beyond the best known legends cloaking the true character of the family.

Exactly how Mayer Amschel Rothschild “struck it lucky” and the steps he took that brought the family from obscurity to “virtual rulers of all Europe,” makes fascinating reading.

    The above photograph was also from the party the Rothschild family held in 1972. Shown above are the hosts of the ball: Guy de Rothschild & Marie-Hélène de Rothschild wearing a horned “giant’s head” with tears made from real diamonds.

This outstanding book is not only about the past, it is also about the present and the future. It will help to explain many of the events that perplex the ordinary people like the war in Iraq and the war threats against Iran

This book demolishes the myths and legends surrounding the Rothschild family, leaving the stark and very startling truth as never before revealed.

    Above, a naked female mannequin sprawled out on the dinner table for the Rothschilds and their attendees to gawk at.

Through 24 chapters, author John Coleman lays the Rothschilds bare, all the while making sure no one confuses the facts with targeting Jews.”

I want it to be understood,” Coleman wrote in a “Note of Explanation,” “that this work should not and cannot be construed as ‘anti-Jewish’ or ‘anti-Semitic.’ It is neither. Rather it is a factual account of a family that happened to be Jews, and who themselves, made no secret of it.”

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Softcover, 209 pages


In my career as a professional intelligence-officer, I had many occasions to access highly classified documents, but during service as a political science officer in-the-field, in Angola, West Africa, I had the opportunity to view a series of top-secret classified-documents which were unusually explicit. What I saw filled me with anger and resentment and launched me on a course from which I have not deviated, namely to uncover what power it is that controls and manages the British and United States governments.

I was thoroughly familiar with all of the well-known secret societies such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, the Zionists, Freemasonry, Bolshevism- Rosicrucianism and all of the spin-offs of these secret societies. As an intelligence-officer, and even before that as a young student in the course of my studies at the British Museum in London, I had cut my eye-teeth on all of them, plus a good number of others with whom I imagined Americans were familiar. But when I came to the United States in 1969, I found that names like the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Club of Rome the German Marshall Fund, the Cini Foundation, the Round Table, the Fabianists the Venetian Black Nobility, the Mont Pelerin Society, Hellfire Clubs, and many others were at best totally unknown here, or else their true-functions were, at best, only poorly understood, if at all.

In 1969-1970 I set about remedying the situation in a series of monographs and cassette tapes. Much to my surprise I soon found plenty of people willing to quote these names as if they had known of them all of their writing careers, but who were not in the least bit knowledgeable about the subjects, yet quite unwilling to state the source of their lately acquired information. I consoled myself with the thought that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I pursued my investigations, pressing on in the face of severe risks, attacks on myself and my wife, financial losses, continual harassment, threats and calumny, all part of a carefully crafted and orchestrated program to discredit me, run by government agents and informers, embedded in the so-called Christian right-wing, the "Identity Movement" and right-wing "patriotic" groups. These agents operated, and still operate, under cover of strong and fearless outspoken opposition to Judaism their main enemy, they would have us believe. These agent-informers are led and controlled by a group of homosexuals who are well-liked and well-respected by political and religious conservatives all across the United States.

Their program of calumny, lies and hatred, dis-information about my work, even lately attributing it to other writers, continues unabated but it has not had the desired effect. I shall carry on with my task until I have finally ripped off the mask of the entire secret upper-level parallel government that runs Britain and the U.S. This book is a part of that ongoing effort.

- Dr. John Coleman, November 1991

Dr. John Coleman (born 1935) is an author and analyst of world affairs. He was a British Intelligence Officer for MI6 who has written several books and numerous papers analyzing the power structure of the world.

He argues that a relatively small group of people—whom he calls the Committee of 300—constitute a ruling elite who are pursuing a goal of one-world government.Coleman’s books have been influential among more well known conspiracy authors such as David Icke and Jim Marrs who quote him in their own works.

Coleman researched the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is a secret Masonic order created, with support from T. E. Lawrence, Bertrand Russell and St John Philby, to “keep the Middle East backward so its natural resource, oil, could continue to be looted.” Coleman has also criticized the Club of Rome, the Giorgio Cini Foundation, Global 2000, the Interreligious Peace Colloquium, the Tavistock Institute, and other organizations.


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