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    URGENT: NWO trying to shut down book publisher

    What if your favorite bookstore was shutdown by the NWO?
    Dear supporter,

    Most of us have a bookstore that we love to spend hours in. It might be

    one of the remaining used bookstores with huge inventories of rare and
    hard-to-find books, or perhaps it’s a place that you can get a coffee
    while you read.

    What if one day you walked into the store, and the owner told you that

    you can't pay by credit card because his credit card service has been
    terminated with no notice and little explanation?

    The reason: The big bank that owns the credit card service doesn't like

    some of the books that are sold there!
    Now you would think something like this would happen in China or Saudi
    Arabia or Germany or multiple other places in the world.
    But no—this is happening RIGHT NOW in America.

    This is exactly what happened to our friends at the historical magazine,

    The Barnes Review (TBR).

    After years of doing business with the same credit card service, that

    service was bought by a large bank, and TBR was just discarded.

    But it gets worse.

    At around the same time, TBR also lots its Paypal account—and the money

    it had in its Paypal account was frozen for six months!
    And, on top of all of this, its titles were banned from Amazon!

    This is obviously a conspiracy to put TBR out of business.

    Now, as you probably know, AFP stands firmly for freedom of speech, and

    we believe this outrage must be fought head-on. So, we are having a
    fundraising drive to help The Barnes Review through these difficult

    Please help them fight this attack on freedom by making a donation


    To thank you for your generosity, donations of $50 or more (USA only) will receive a one-year subscription to The Barnes Review magazine, a unique and intellectual historical journal.

    Please take a moment to stand up for free speech and thought today.

    Remember, this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

    If they can do this to TBR, then no organization is safe—including AFP!


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